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How to manage order views?

Order views list

The order views can be edited in Order views section. To display the list of your custom order views please click on Orders -> Order views. From there you can either delete, edit or add new order views.

Main panel where the additional order views can be added.
  • To add new order view, simply click on “New order view” displayed next to the main heading.
  • To edit existing order view, hover on its title and click on “Edit
  • To delete the order view, click on “Trash

Single order view

As shown below, each order view editor contain a few fields sections. There is no need to choose all the filters. To disable them just leave them empty.


Used in the side navigation. Please keep the title as short as possible.


Can be used to show only orders that contain or do not contain selected products.

Shipping & payment

Similarly, you may use to filter the orders by either: shipping countries, methods or payment methods.

Other settings

The section contains two fields. The first one allows to display/exclude the orders with specific status(es). The second one controls the visibility of the new order view. You can use it to show/hide the new order view from the admin navigation for selected users. Otherwise, it will be displayed to all store managers & administrators.