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If you would like to generate your invoice please open the confirmation email sent via Paddle and click on “View invoice” button. After that you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to enter your company details (click on “Add business address“) and print your invoice.

Why do I use Paddle to collect payments?

Paddle acts as a Merchant of Record and handles all taxes (VAT, etc.) that should be collected from regular customers (non-B2B transactions) in EU. It would be very expensive and complicated to build a system checking and storing the customers data in accordance to current EU tax laws and also make the shop compliant with VAT-MOSS.

Technically, when you buy the license, you buy it from and send the money to Paddle (Merchant of Record, intermediary) and once a month I issue a single invoice for Paddle and get all the money from them via a single wire transfer, so it is much, much easier for my accounting office to handle my income & VAT taxes.